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.Hi, my name is Eric and welcome to Virtual Linux. This site is not really intended to be a big hit maker however it is intended to keep track of what I am doing and what I have done using Linux. I have designed these pages to be as easy as possible for me to keep it updated on a daily basis.
... The new link is where you can read about all the new Linux projects I am currently working on.It is also intended to keep track of my time and to keep track of all the solutions, so when I come across the same problem I won't be fumbling around trying to solve it.
... The projects link is where I will keep track of all the projects I have been involved in from the past and all the information I did to make these projects work.
... The archive link contains links to all the cool software I am currently using from operating systems,security and file sharing apps to graphic and X Window manager apps.
...So sit back and read on to learn about all the cool things I have done with linux and also to help anyone else that may have had the same problems.

Crypto Portfolio Management Apps

Configure DNS with Plesk

Keep the Internet free
Lokinetwork Solutions